The Athletic Training Coordinator (ATC) for the leagueChris Jorgensen is the point person for dealing with concussion return to play protocol.
The ATC will notify the Harriton or LMHS Athletic Trainer (“AT”) if one of the team players is concussed.
The top priority is for schools, teams, players and families tclearly understand the return to play statusThe league will follow this protocol:
1. At at game evaluates athlete and suspects possible concussion. No RTP that game & coach/parent is contacted with findings and instructions about home care. Also will explain RTP protocol and the need to be seen by physician.
2. Athlete is evaluated by physician, preferably a concussion specialist, but family physician is acceptable (ERs & Urgent Care clinics should not be clearing athletes from concussions).
3. Athlete recovers and is then cleared by physician
4. Written clearance note is sent to me.
5. I confirm with coach/team rep that I have received note and the player is now eligible to play.